What is a ready-made company?

A ready-made company, or a pre-established company, is a company that is registered in the Commercial Register, has a name, registered office, managing director, identification number and the registered capital is fully paid up. However, the company does not carry out any business activities, it is established only to be sold to the final customer. Anyone who buys a pre-established company avoids the lengthy administrative process associated with setting-up a business.

The benefits of a ready-made company from us

  • We sell limited liability companies (s.r.o.)
  • Quality guarantee, company established in cooperation with a law office
  • No debt and zero company history
  • Paid-up registered capital in the amount of CZK 50,000
  • Possibility to provide office (OFFICE House Olomouc) in the centre of Olomouc on the attractive Riegrova street (for more information about OFFICE House Olomouc, see www.officehouseolomouc.cz)
  • Discount on the hourly rate for legal services provided by the Law Office of Mgr. Ondřej Masopust (for more information, see www.akmasopust.cz) *
  • Upon agreement, sale of a s.r.o., unless a shorter period is agreed, you will usually become the managing director and shareholder of the s.r.o. within 24 hours (on business days) from your binding order of the selected company. You become the managing director and shareholder by signing the prepared documentation (you can already represent the company as the managing director and use it for economic activity. You do not have to wait for the change of the managing director or shareholder to be entered in the Commercial Register).
  • Possibility to arrange a concession deed (price CZK 3,000 + administrative fee)
  • PRICE CZK 11,000 + costs
  • Total price, including costs, usually does not exceed CZK 19,000
  • In addition to the change of the managing director and shareholder, it is possible to change the following at the time of sale:
    • r.o. company name
    • Scope of business
    • Office
    • Number of managing directors
    • Manner in which the managing directors act on behalf of the s.r.o.
    • Number of shareholders (shares)
  • Total price including costs includes:
    • Processing of legal documentation
    • Notarial deeds, including fees
    • Trade license, including fees
    • Entry of the change in the Commercial Register, including court fee
    • Active bank account maintained free of charge
    • Registration with the tax office for corporate income tax
    • Data box

Why the registered capital of CZK 1 is not the best idea, and why is it important that the registered capital is paid up:

The company can have a registered capital of only CZK 1, but this can cause problems. The registered capital of a limited liability company in the amount of CZK 1 does not mean that the establishment of this type of company will cost you CZK 1. The registered capital does not indicate the total price you will pay for the establishment of the company, but merely the funds that need to be deposited in a special bank account before the company can be registered in the Commercial or Public Register. The registered capital of the companies sold by us in the amount of CZK 50,000 is fully paid up. 

Sole traders are liable for their professional debts with all their assets. However, in companies with the registered capital fully paid up, the shareholders are not liable for the company's debt.

The registered capital of CZK 1 is a relatively large risk, for several reasons:

Lack of money to run the business

The main reason it is necessary to deposit the registered capital when setting up a limited liability company is that after the company is established, it draws money from this amount of registered capital to cover all expenses incurred during the first months of its activity. Therefore, if you decide for low registered capital, the company can easily get into debt soon and enter insolvency proceedings.

Lack of business partners

A company with a higher registered capital, e.g. CZK 50,000 in the companies we offer, will seem more trustworthy in the eyes of business partners than a company with a low registered capital (e.g. CZK 1).

Facing difficulties when getting a loan

The higher registered capital will help you gain the trust of business partners but more than that, creditors, especially banks, will also trust you more. The higher registered capital proves that you are able to save money and, if necessary, repay a loan from this accumulated amount. Conversely, if you do not have enough money in your bank account and the company has a low registered capital, you reduce your creditworthiness from the point of view of the creditor. Creditors/banks may therefore refuse to grant you a loan.

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